Regressing to childhood

I've had money my folks kindly gave me for my birthday burning a hole in my pocket for ages; last night I finally spent some of it. When it was first published, I really wanted to buy The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, but at the time when I saw it, the first edition had sold out. I finally found out that it was scheduled for reprinting in April, and when I checked last night, it was back on Amazon. It should be here next week.

I had never even heard of Calvin and Hobbes before I met my good lady, but I immediately fell for the little kid and his stuffed tiger. The illustrations are beautiful, yes, and they capture expression just perfectly, but it's Calvin's attitude that makes the strips at once very funny and incredibly poignant. It really does suck being a kid sometimes, with everyone around you dictating your limits and behaviour. Here's a sample strip – it's impossible to find a favourite, but this one is lovely.


Continuing the theme, I also ordered The Muppet Show - Season 1 on DVD; should provide many a surreal moment.