Can I try your Wii?

Indulge me, please, in a quick link dump. I love the idea of Felt Rocks, partly because since my good lady found out how to do felting – a term so close to a nose-wrinkling sexual practice that I always smirk when I hear it – we have agreed that felt does indeed rock, and partly because it amuses me that something so pleasing and beautiful is the by-product of manufacturing something completely different.

Then there's the rather beautiful Protea lampshade – this is part of what designers are talking about when they mention 'truth to materials'; it's using the physical characteristics of the petals to move them rather than relying on some over-engineered electro-mechanical solution. There's also a whimsical, humorous twist to the design, and the comment it makes on the inefficiency of converting electrical into light energy gives it a bite of politics too. So much from a lampshade...

Third it's the spectacular UV tattooing ink seen here; part of why I love this is that under natural light there are no visible markings. I always quite liked the idea of a tattoo, but I'd only do it if I was in better shape than I am now. I never bought into the whole 'think how it'd look when you're 70' argument; even assuming I didn't have the same aesthetic value system as I do now, I think I'd like the reminder of my youth.

Next up is Nintendo on their [deliberate grammatical error] official name for the Revolution, the next-gen gaming console. I actually do like the rationale behind the name and the logo – the two lower-case I glyphs do look like two people, and mirror the shapes we've seen of the new motion-sensitive controller – but this explanation does stray just a little too far into naff for a company whose products are aimed at pretty media-savvy folks. And I think we'll soon get heartily sick of 'And together, Wii will change everything'-type puns. Plus, there are just ... too ... many ... gags about urine.

Lastly, and for colleagues only, does this picture suggest to you that a slightly prettier version of one of PC Pro's young staffers is working in the Blu-Ray industry? The natty protective chapeau even looks a bit like his hair. In any case, doesn't the company concerned here have a legal minimum age for its workers? This guy looks like a school leaver...

That is all. This weekend we will be visiting eccentric relatives in the country. Plus a cat.