Phone faux-pas

I love my new phone. It has a kick-ass 2 megapixel camera, excellent interface, lovely key action, half a gig of storage, looks great, and its PIM functionality integrates perfectly with my Mac.

All of this, however, doesn't stop you leaving it in a taxi.


I sent a text from the wife's phone, though, and the kind cabbie rang back half an hour later* offering to send it Special Delivery. I didn't think it was possible to love black cabs any more, but now I do. Suggestions on gifts for the nice taxi driver (as well as reimbursement for the postage, plus maybe a tenner) as a thank you solicited via the comments.

* ...just as I was on the phone to Vodafone to cancel it. I was alarmed to note that my call credit limit has been surreptitiously upped to £210, which means that if I lose my phone, or it's stolen, either without me noticing, any n'er-do-wells could spend £210 of my money and I'd have no come-back. It's a practice Nik keeps noticing with his provider too (coincidentally Vodafone too, I think), and he apparently rings them quite regularly to get them to lower the call limit back down to £50. Looks like I might have to ask him to put in a word for me at the same time.