Square squared

Despite our best efforts today, we didn't get to Brighton as planned. There was a 'frank exchange of views' over which station to go from, so I checked online. 'King's Cross' it said. Ah, but no. Apparently, there are two King's Crosses in London. Right next door to each other. We did not know this, so having looked at the departures board at King's Cross (more accurately: a King's Cross), we went to Waterloo. Ah, but it's not Waterloo either. So we gave up and went to the Tate Modern for breakfast. (It's Victoria, by the way.)

Thence to Leicester Square via Paternoster Square (above) to see Ice Age 2 with young Mr Malcolm. I loved the stylish, slick treatment of the animation in the first film, and the sequel managed to be even more lush. We did get a running commentary from the kids around us – one of whom insisted on proudly reading out any and all text that appeared on screen and several for whom the 'plot' was too intellectually challenging and who questioned their loud-mouthed and oblivious parents throughout – but since it is a kid's film, I guess I shouldn't really complain. Is it so wrong to wish parents educated their children that they should be considerate of others, though?

Jim had work to do, so off he toddled, and the young lady and I wandered down through Trafalgar Square – our third square of the day – and the happy families and tourists clustered around the base of a be-scaffolded Nelson's Column, and caught the 53 back home.


We're hoping to go through to the seaside tomorrow, so long as the weather is half as picturesque as it was today. I asked Jason where he recommended we ate in Brighton – as well as the obligatory fish-and-chips-on-thePier-while-fighting-off-pneumonia – and he suggested Terre à Terre; we'll try to get there for lunch when it opens at noon.

Not going to Brighton was fun, so going to Brighton must surely be even more fun, right?

A few more photos from today on Flickr.